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In God’s design, He created us for relationships with Him and with others. While there many ways to grow in loving God and loving all people, the primary way is through gathering with others and following Christ together. In fact, that is one of the fastest ways that we grow more like Christ and learn the heart habits and life lessons in our journey with Jesus.
We believe when you gather with a group of friends with God at the center for a meal, a campfire, Bible study or whatever to do life together, you actually are living the way that God designed and desires for us.
God desires for us gather and grow in our knowledge and understanding of His Word and His ways so that we “may live a life worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, and being strengthened with all power according to His glorious might so that we may have great endurance and patience” to live as a people who are loving God, loving all people and follow Christ together.   Join a new group or class today and make some new friends along the way!
Adult Small Groups
Sunday Morning Groups
Starting Sunday, September 17
2 Samuel
2 Samuel leaves us with an appreciation for the greatness of David, but also a realization of his human weaknesses. If there is to be a king who will dwell forever on the throne of David, it must be one who is greater than David. If David is the best king who ever ruled over Israel, then God will have to provide, Himself, a better King.

facilitator: John Hittler | location: LL 118 | men | 9:45am

Be Like Jesus
The goal of the Christian life isn’t to ‘be saved’ and ‘go to heaven.’  The goal is to Be Like Jesus. As we become ever more like Jesus, our lives better fit into the big picture of what God is doing in the world. Join us as we study scripture that show how to think, act, and be like Jesus.
facilitators: Ty Anderson & Pastor Sherrie Hittler | location: LL 116 | adult | 9:45am


Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times
You’ll get through this, whatever “this” is, financial woes, relationship valleys, health crisis? Let’s face it: life is tough sometimes, and it’s easy to wonder where GOD is in the middle of a struggle. When times are tough we all could use some reassurance and Max hits that head-on. No matter how bleak our reality, remember GOD is bigger still.
facilitator: Bev Clark | location: LL 124 | adult |9:45am


Starting Point
(October 15 – December 10)

Starting Point is for people who are curious about God, have a new relationship with Jesus Christ, or are returning to church after being away for a while.

facilitator: Pastor Steve Glei | location: conference room | adult | 9:45am 
Starting the week of September 24
(unless noted otherwise)


We will create community through the affinity of hiking and Bible study. We will be reading, discussing, and applying our way through Paul’s letter to the Philippians.
facilitator: Geoff Tittyung | location: various | adult hiking group | 2pm


Ladies- Want to attend a Bible study, but can’t figure out what to do with your kids?  Bring them along!  Join Krystl Tittyung and Caroline Lembrick as we work through the book of Matthew.  The LifeChange series by the Navigators is a very straightforward study that makes allows you to hop in and out of the conversation in case of child disruption.  Please obtain the book by October 1.  Juliet and Claire are looking forward to playing with your kids! Cat friendly home.
facilitator: Krystl Tittyung & Caroline Lembrick | location: 5693 New Meadow Dr., Ypsi| women & kids | 2pm


Raising US Up

Growing together by sharing experiences and exploring God’s purpose and calling in raising our families. This will be a time for parents to share stories and to learn from God’s word, from Godly people, and from each other.  

facilitators: Larry Hu & Tim Heires | location: 5715 Dartmouth Ct., Ypsi | families | 3:30pm


Living the Jesus Life Daily
Using the Bible, Caesar Kalinowski’s Bigger Gospel and other material, our conversations will reflect the desire to reverberating Jesus love.  Reference books: the Bible; Small is Big Slow is Fast & The Bigger Gospel (Caesar Kalinowski); Flesh: Bringing the Incarnation Down to Earth (Hugh Halter).
facilitators: Steve & Cathy Glei | location: 8343 Blue Jay Dr., Ypsi | adult | 7:30pm


“Agents of Apocalypse”/Revelation
Are we living in the end times? Is it possible that the players depicted in the book of Revelation could be out in force today? And if they are, would you know how to recognize them?
facilitators: Ruth Mathieu | location: 5630 New Meadow Dr., Ypsi | women | 10:30pm


Relational Apologetics

facilitator: Pastor Rob Johnson | location: conference room 1800 Packard Rd., Ypsi | adult | 7pm |



Our culture does not encourage thoughtful reflection on truth. Yet living the gospel in a postmodern culture demands that Christians understand and internalize the truth about God and his plan for the world.
facilitator: Bill Gorham | location: conference room | 1800 Packard Rd., Ypsi | adult |
2nd Friday of the month @7pm |
“Walking in Wisdom”
Are you hungry for a daily dose of truth in your schedule? We will be studying the book of Proverbs using the Walking In Wisdom“Walking in Wisdom: A Love God Greatly Study Journal”.  It can be purchased from Amazon for $11.99.  The journal offers a paper copy of the study, including journaling pages, reflection questions, goals, and coloring pages. 

facilitator: Cathy Glei | meetup dates: 10/21 & 11/17 | Facebook Group |  Women