be christmas 2021

“Peace on earth.” We read these words in Jesus’ birth story from the angels to the shepherds in Luke 2.
I remember being in elementary school and the sheet music for the song “Let There Be Peace on Earth” was in our house. I learned how to play the song on my saxophone, squeaks and all. The lyrics in the first verse start with these words, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” Well, the theology is tad bit off. Peace does not start with you or me, it starts with the Prince of Peace born in a manger and coming again. Yet this peace is continued through you and me by God’s grand design. Jesus invites us to live out love and BE CHRISTMAS for all people…to bring and be peace.
So, let’s all step into the invitation to be peace-dealers this Christmas season. Through our YpsiFree mission partnerships locally and globally, we have the wonder-filled opportunity to expand the gospel by meeting tangible needs of mission partners who are spreading peace. Sacrificial giving is central to the heart of a follower of Jesus. So, let’s not only celebrate God’s promises to us through Jesus by seeing the lights, feasting with family and friends, and attending gatherings. Let’s take the opportunity to spread peace on earth through giving generously to our mission peace-dealers.
Select where your generosity will go from the BE CHRISTMAS gift list as a family or individually and fil out the form. Your Be Christmas gift can be given through Friday, December 31. Giving is easy and available online, by mail or bringing it to the office.
Isn’t it amazing we can get in on the spreading the true “peace on earth”? What an invitation from our Prince of Peace! Are you a little peace-deprived these days? Did you know giving peace can also be a path for receiving peace? When we live in the way that God designed, Jesus modeled and the Holy Spirit empowers us, we are being renewed and peace is by product. So, join me and consider giving sacrificially and become a peace-dealer. Let’s BE CHRISTMAS not just do Christmas.
Pastor Steve

Be Christmas 2021 gift list

Prayerfully consider the list of ministries locally & globally. When you’re ready to give, click this link and include the numbers of the gifts (#1-33) in the notes so we can be sure your gift goes to the right place.

Asia (Brent Hoover)

  1. A share in Video Recording Equipment – $20
  2. A share in costs of LeaderTrek training for Chinese Men living in North America –  $25
  3. A share in Asian, African, and Middle Eastern leadership development – $50


Brazil (Dan & Hope Owsley)

  1. A portion of the scholarship for Brazilian Free Methodist seminary students – $20
  1. Contribution toward remodeling Campo Grando Free Methodist Church – $30
  1. Share in rent for the Manaus Church Plant led by FM refugees from Venezuela – $50


Colombia (Thad & Nikki Roller)

  1. A share of education costs for their girls – $10 8. A share of Nikki’s travel budget in training children’s ministry workers in the new Roots Spanish curriculum – $25
  1. A share in Thad’s travel budget for training
    church planters – $40


Creative Access (Keith & Julie)

  1. A share of school tuition for a missionary child – $25
  2. A share in the cost of professional development – $15
  3. A share in the cost of yearly housing expense – $50


Cru, EMU (Scott & Robin Wyatt)

  1. A share in providing snacks/meals for Cru student Bible studies -$25
  1. A share in registration costs for Cru Winter Conference in Indianapolis – $50
  1. A share in costs for Filter of Hope Spring Break Mission Trip to Panama – $100

Cru, MSU (Brian & Robin Langford)

  1. Devotional & Bible study resources for students -$15
  2. Devotional & Bible study resources for students – $30
  3. Devotional & Bible study resources for students -$50

Tenwek Hospital, Kenya (Russ & Beth White)

  1. A share in the cost of open heart surgery – $25
  2. A share in the cost of open heart surgery – $50
  3. A share in the cost of medical equipment for the new cardiothoracic center scheduled for completion in January 2023 – $75


Grow U

  1. Teacher & classroom appreciation – $15
  2. Funds towards a Fall Event $15
  3. Support for a single parent or grandparent – $25
  4. Life Skills | Parenting classes – $25
  5. Life Skills | Financial Peace online – $50


Somerset Beach Campground

  1. Cost of Bible for a youth camper – $5
  2. Day of camp – $40
  3. Day of overnight youth camp – $70
  4. Week of resident camp – $335


Going Local & Global

  1. Gift of support for a missions trip- $20
  2. Gift of support for a missions trip – $50


Community Meal & Story

  1. Support for a community meal – $20
  2. Support for future Ypsi locations – $25


Family Emergency & Crisis

  1. Support for a local family in need – $25
  2. Support for a local family in need – $40