life is better in community

At YpsiFree we believe God created us for community—we are meant to live in relationship with Jesus and with each other. One of the best sources of meaningful community is to gather with community.  In these groups, we open ourselves to becoming formed as people who love God, love all people, and follow Jesus together.
New Groups start each
September, January, and April




Fall 2022 community Groups



Sundays | 4pm – 6pm | Glei Home | Steve & Cathy Glei
Group Begins September 11
We will be reading about the life of Jesus and applying His life and practices to our own lives. Each community member will need to bring a Bible and journal.  We will be meeting from 4-6 p.m. at the Glei Home on the first, second and third Sundays of the month, with a Friday night meal at a local restaurant in the fourth week. This community group will start on Sunday, September 11.  Join us on this journey of patterning our lives after Jesus. 


1st & 3rd Sundays | 4pm | 1800 Packard Rd. | Kathy Gram & Mollie Bruno
Begins Sunday, September 18
Jericho Walkers is a women’s prayer walking group. We will start out in pairs and optional prayer prompts for the walk will be provided. Encouraged to pray, meet, and walk as led, mindful of seven times around brought a wall down. Sign up using the YpsiFree Connect Card online or in-person.



Sundays October 23, 30 & November 6 | 11:30AM | YpsiFree | Steve Glei

We love God, love all people and follow Jesus together.  How do we do live this out?  Learn about salvation, our statements, our strategy and our structure at YpsiFree.  Join us if you have been attending YpsiFree for a while or new to our community. Lunch will be provided.




Sundays October 23, 30 & November 6 | 11:30AM | YpsiFree | Steve Glei

We invite you to pull up a chair & pour a cup of coffee each Tuesday morning. This community of men are committed to living the way of Jesus and understand the need for other brothers for resourcing and refinement.  We are men wanting to be strengthened with power through the Holy Spirit in our inner being so we may be and bring all for our Heavenly Father. 
As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. Proverbs 27:1



Begins Tuesday, September 13

Sisters in Christ is an ongoing small group for women. We share with each other, pray together and spend time learning more about the Lord.  This fall we will be studying Colossians.  We welcome all women who want to know more about Jesus. There are women from our church, but also some from other church backgrounds. Our common ground is Jesus Christ our God.  The group will be meeting every other week.


Tuesdays | 7pm | 3630 Eli Rd, Ann Arbor | Mollie Bruno
Group begins on Tuesday, September 13
This book group will read, reflect, pray, and discuss “Why Emotions Matter” by Tristen and John Collins with Melissa Binder. Please have the first chapter read for the initial meeting. The 11-week journey with explores the origins of our feelings and thought-life and provides our group reflection questions to consider.




You are invited to join us midweek to pause together and recenter our scattered senses upon the presence of God. We begin our time with reading Scripture, reflecting on God’s word, practicing lectio divina.  We intercede on behalf each other and our community. Sign up using the YpsiFree Connect Card online or in-person.   The zoom link is sent weekly with our YpsiFree Prayer Email.  If you do not receive this email and you would like to, please contact office.

The Prayer Course is an eight-week journey that will help you and our community grow and deepen our prayer life.  This course is based on Pete Greig’s book, How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People.  The time will be spent viewing a teaching video, talking through questions, and putting prayer into practice.


College and Careers is a community for young adults, students, professionals, and young marrieds. We desire to find meaningful community and spiritual growth together, and we invite you to bring a friend and join us. We gather on Thursdays from 6-8pm in the church lobby where we spend time connecting and working our way through a Bible Study. Special events like kayaking and bonfires are also part of our rhythm. Contact us to be in the loop. Facilitated by Peter & Jacquelyn Sturgeon

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November 10 | December 1 | December 2 | December 29



Thursday – Bimonthly | 7PM | Kieft Hime | Miriam Kieft
Group begins on Thursday, September 22
This group will read “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard Foster. This classic will show us how to deepen our relationship with God. We will slowly read through the book and discuss with the emphasis being on application to our lives.  




Set aside a meal or three to seek for more of Jesus and His Kingdom (Matthew 6:33).  On the first Friday of every month, join with other Free Methodists in praying for a Spirit fueled movement in our churches, communities, and country.


2nd Friday | 6:30pm to 9pm | YpsiFree Lobby | Gail Fontana, Raymond & Khani Bell

The JOY group is for senior adults who are looking for friendship and support from like-minded Jesus-followers. Join us as we journey together on the road of life. Together with other mature saints, we will love and support each other with our shared wisdom, words of hope and lived experience as we explore our journey from mourning to JOY.  We meet on the second Friday of each month.




Saturdays | 9am to 11am | YpsiFree Lobby | Khani & Raymond Bell
Begins Saturday, September 10
One way YpsiFree loves God and love all people is to create space for community group focusing on the healing process for those that mourn.  GriefShare community starts on Saturday, September 10 to Saturday, December 10 at YpsiFree.



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