life is better in community

At YpsiFree we believe God created us for community—we are meant to live in relationship with Jesus and with each other. One of the best sources of meaningful community is to gather with community.  In these groups, we open ourselves to becoming formed as people who love God, love all people, and follow Jesus together.
New Groups start each
September, January, and April.




Winter 2024 community Groups



Sunday Family Fun Day

As parents, it can often seem like our world is a snow globe, swirling with hundreds of activities, appointments, and schedules. It can be difficult to go beyond the boundaries of your own family with all of its wants, demands, and eccentricities and connect with others or even connect with God. Sunday Family Fun Day is a group designed for families with small(ish) children to gather, share parenting and relational tips, and connect using sermon-based discussion questions (no required reading!). We also will have a snack potluck each week (sweet and savory).


Sunday @4pm, bimonthly

Geoff Tittyung & Tim Heires | YpsiFree Gym




Sisters in Christ

Sisters in Christ is an ongoing small group for women. We share with each other, pray together  

and spend time learning more about the Lord. We gather to show love and acceptance to one

another as we read and meditate on the Word. We desire to overflow with the love of Jesus so we can go out into the world and be a light in the darkness.


We will study Acts of the Apostles, by Louie Giglio, a video series. As we learn more about the start of the Christian faith and its purpose as it moved forward, we will discover what our purpose is today and where our help comes from.


Every other Tuesday @10:30AM (starts 9.12) | Jean Baker & Amy Jordan

Mathieu’s @5824 Merritt, Ypsilanti 48197



Wednesday Morning Prayer

We are a community of people living out the love of Jesus and the fire of our faith, so prayer is               priority ONE. So, join us on Wednesday mornings as we pray for our community of faith, the                 greater community, our country, and the world to be caught on fire with God’s Word & Spirit! The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. | James 5:16 



Wednesday @9AM | Jean Baker & Steve Glei | YpsiFree Conference Room

Practicing the Way
We will be reading Ephesians a letter about the community living the life of Jesus and get a    better of understanding of how Jesus’ life makes a difference in how we live, work and have our being.               
Participants need to bring a Bible and journal. We will be meeting from (yet to be determined) on the first, second and third Wednesdays of the month, with a Friday night meal at a local restaurant the fourth week. Join us on this journey of patterning our lives after Jesus.           


Wednesday @6:30pm | | Steve & Cathy Glei | various locations

Thomas St. Community Group

sermon-based group

We will meet weekly to review the sermon from the previous Sunday and discuss the next steps we have taken to implement the ones presented in the sermon. In this way, we will grow spiritually and follow Jesus together. Please bring your sermon notes.

Wednesday @7pm | | Rick & Charma Travis | 



College & Careers

College and Careers is a community for young adults, students, professionals, & young marrieds. We foster and develop a continued deeper relationship with God as young adults transition through college and into careers.



1St Friday Fasting & Prayer

Join us as we fast & pray as a faith community ONE time a month together. Fasting traditionally is to abstain from food and give that time and pangs of hunger to the attention of Jesus and His Kingdom in prayer. Seeking His way and will in our lives, community, mission, ministry, jobs, resources, etc. The list is endless, yet First Friday Fasting & Prayer is singular in focus too.


“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness…” | Mathew 6:33

2nd Friday Men’s Breakfast
Join us for community, prayer, and, of course, breakfast. As men, we all need a deeper          community where others do not want something from us but wish to simply be with one another. Gather with us for rich relationships based on lasting truth and leave full of the goodness of God. 
2nd Friday @6AM | Jason Kluttz & Steve Glei | Leo’s off of Whittaker Rd.
JOY Group
The JOY (just older youth) group is for senior adults who are looking for friendship and support            from like-minded Jesus-followers. Our Bible Study is currently focusing on the patriarchs of the        Old Testament in the book of Genesis, along with the book “Walking with the Patriarchs” by David Hasey.

Join us as we journey together on the road of life, grow in the Word, and share it with the community & those around us. 

2nd Friday @2PM | Gail Fontana & Jean Baker  | YpsiFree Lobby



One way YpsiFree loves God and love all people is to create space for community group focusing     on the healing process for those that mourn. GriefShare walks alongside individuals who have      experienced a loss and want to address that loss in their life.

GriefShare has three parts: videos, small group discussions and a workbook for personal study.  


Please join us as we journey together from mourning to joy.

Saturday @10am  | Khani & Raymond Bell | YpsiFree Conference Room.

Feb 17 – May 18 (not meeting 3/30)


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